Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Mortem Et Gloriam game played Rome versus Carthage

Played a game today using MEG rules against Stephen today using my Punic Romans versus his Carthaginians.
We were quite rusty on the rules and took awhile to get back into swing of system but a good game nonetheless.
Really like the card system for Command works really well and leads to lots of decision making.
No time for a more in depth AAR.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Season of Battles solo action Prussia succumbs....................

Played what turned out to be the final encounter in my play test of Season of Battle using Field of Battle and what a cracker it turned out to be !

Prussia once again had to win (and win big) to avoid losing the campaign.
And win they did but it was such a truly Pyrrhic victory that the lost the campaign.

They won another minor victory but ended with no Army Morale Points and having been given a mere 2 by the Russians who had also gone to zero Morale earlier in same turn.
This meant that as Prussian started of with only 14 National Will Points and lost 18 Army Morale during game with only 2 added they ended on -1 thereby losing overall.

But they surely went down fighting with one unit in particular winning honours: Musketeer unit NR 5-I held a town section against 2 assaults both times winning against the odds (ie twice they rolled 4 on a D4 against 1 on a D10 & D8 !!! repelling their Russian counterparts).
A Russian Grenadier unit also shone twice routing an Elite (C12+1 D8 in FOB terms) unit of Musketeers who eventually fled the field.

Not only did I really enjoy the solo run through of Seasons of Battle but yet again Field of Battle shone as a superb set (great for solo play) with lots of such dramas and swings of fortune and opportunities.
A lot more I could have done to add flavour in terms of using place names for battlefield and significant terrain features and indeed names of officers but that is for future waffling sessions.

Really looking forward to trying the system against live enemy whether its with FOB or another set or period.

Prussians marching through woods

Defenders of the town

Russians trying to refuse their right

Russian mounted move to counter the approaching Musketeers

Overview of early moves

Russian guns cause a drain of casualties on right wing

Musketeers emerge into face of Russian Grenadiers

Russians begin assault on right wing

Whilst holding in the center

Battle joined

Musketeer Regiment NR 5 repels boarders !!

Face off on right

Monday, January 01, 2018

Season of Battles solo third encounter with Field of Battle

Sadly due to a bereavement in the family (nasty end to 2017) I had to put this on hold for a couple of days but was great therapy playing it through late yesterday.

Prussia backed into a corner with low National Will and needing a victory in Home area to avoid defeat in Campaign.
Low and behold they managed (just about however) a minor win against the Russians with the vaunted Prussian musket volleys coming to the fore this time decimating several Russian units.
Whilst it was a win costing the Russians 22 Morale points the Prussians had a mere 5 left themselves so a narrow victory indeed.
In the after action phase the Prussians saw a couple of Commanders increase their quality but some units have degraded (war weariness ?) despite using some Victory points to give a  boost
Indeed Frederick dropped his Sequence Deck Quality from Skilled to Average despite his victory (both sides now using Average decks).

Due to Pyrrhic victory the next encounter is still in Home area (Berlin) so Prussians still in dire straits

Another Campaign Action cycle has resulted in a fresh field of battle with the Russians again getting some extra room to Deploy but having to commit their troops before Prussians (2 Commands per Prussian Command).

One thing I forget to mention re Action Cards is that each has a narrative component such as 'Forced March' 'Scouts' and numerous similar notations which you use to build a background narrative to your battle with a bit of imagination involved.
Their is great potential to expand on this as regards the fate of officers and units.
I have not used this as mainly trying to learn main elements of the system.

Also playing solo I have amended one or two things such as randomly laying out the 10 potential battlefields (rather than each side picking one alternately) and also rolling randomly for various other elements designed of course for two players.

But all has worked fairly seamlessly (especially with FOB for which it is designed) and generated several interesting battlefields.

Overview of deployments

The two Prussian Commands on right that done the damage

Some of their victims. Note the reserve command in columns which ended up marching to right flank then trying to scramble back to their left and essentially missing the battle !

Clash on Prussian left wing where their superior Cavalry made hard going of the lesser Russian mounted.

Musketeers shooting up Russian left

Cavalry melee

Musketeers a solid bastion on the right

Prussian left. Marching columns of Russian reserve arrive just in time to turn back to weakened left wing.

Colonels view of Russian foes

Russian left withdrawing just as Reserves appear and deploy

Reserves arrive back on left alas to late as Army folded as Morale depleted

The end on Russian right where Prussian horse has finally destroyed counterparts

The Russian losses ! Prussians lost only one unit but had large casualties during the fracas

And now the armies are deployed once more in the region of Berlin....................

Russian deployment (hills here are Class I (gentle slopes) but woods are all Class II (medium).

Prussia deploys to survive conquest once more

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Black Powder: Glory Hallelujah game

Game of Black Powder today at Stephens using his ACW figures and as an opportunity to try out the Glory Hallelujah supplement we both have.
Scenario was from the supplement entitled 'Blacklotts Farm' (IIRC).
I took the attacking 4 Reb Brigades and Stephen his Federals 2 Brigades at start with 3 following.
All units were standard types with the Rebs having Rebel Yell trait (a +1 bonus to close combat dice).
Yanks fielded a 6 gun (ie large) Battery to test this out.

Game played really well and quickly with the various supplement rules adding good period flavour without changing the essential systems or bogging game down.
I like that units can only Move once if they wish to Fire and this pretty much allows use of standard sequence of play without moving Shooting phase to before Command.

The river slowed the Rebs allowing the Yanks to get their Reserve Brigades on table and into the line.
Game really hinged on 1 turn wherein I took 15 casualties across the line and failed to save a single one !
This left units weakened and close to becoming Shaken (3 hits for all Infantry) and I then quickly lost 2 Brigades to failed Morale (we play that a Brigade becomes broken at over 50% losses).
I tried to Break an enemy Brigade on my right with a charge but only managed to force them to Retire and a Shaken unit in my Brigade saw me lose the game as 3 out of 4 Brigades broken.
One Union Brigade was also broken and a Battery of guns lost bit otherwise their lines held and a 5th Brigade had just arrived as Rebs withdrew.
We enjoyed BP again for its fast play aspect and whilst I find the orders/activation system a bit arbitrary it works within the system as a whole.

Back to Freddies last stand tomorrow with Season of Battle/Field of Battle (where at least I am guaranteed to be on winning side !)

Note in later pics below the proliferation of Disorder (yellow) and Shaken (red) markers on my units.......................