Saturday, May 19, 2018

Chain of Command - Operation Martlet tried

Had a try with CofC rules today using the Op Martlet 'pint-sized' campaign as a handy scenario generator.

I took British and Stephen Germans using our 15mm kit.

Played two games on the initial 'Probe to Fontenay' map.

We like the rules especially the dicing systems for Order/Commands.
Shooting etc is 'buckets of dice' but works fine and all pretty easy to pick up and remember.
Tough scenario for British as very little cover for Jump Of Points or any advance.
Mis-use of Patrol Phase to a degree made it harder still as I tried a broad front approach which saw all but one of my JOPs moved to rear edge.

We certainly intend (when I have I heard that before !) to re-try the rules and the campaign.

The table prior to action (Brits appear from near edge)

The story of the day Brit Inf stuck in open fields

German Inf 'in' a building block (we used drawn floor plans as roofs fixed)

More Pinned and exposed Inf

Panzer IV advances

Some damage to Germans mainly from Mortar fire

Monday, May 14, 2018

Quatre Bras using General D'Armee

Game using a Quatre Bras scenario and GDA rules today at Stephen's, I was French versus his Allies with some newly painted Hanoverian and Dutch-Belgian units see their first action.

A big game with some 20 Foot Bttns, 3 Gun Battry and 6 Mounted Regts in the French OOB with something similar for Allies.
Thankfully not everything starts on table with several Brigades in Reserve or arriving of course of several turns.

A tough proposition for French to get anywhere near the crossroads however (especially with my Command dice rolls for ADCs !!) and they took a lot of casualties.
We failed to finish the game (too much waffling as usual) but felt that GDA has a lot to like with slick systems and a nice period 'feel'.

Only a couple of photos as I forgot !

French Light Cavalry Brigades arrive

As their Foot suffer attacking the ridge

Festung Europa board wargame played

A board wargame played with my Dad on Sunday with newly acquired 'Festung Europa' from Compass Games.

A quick playing CDG type game by Mike Rinella covering Western Front 1943-1945.

Game starts with Op Husky the Allied invasion of Sicily (or the proposed Op Roundup as alt-history alternative).
Pretty standard CDG card play (a lot of the events are familiar from BTB:WW2) with a few twists such as powerful Allied Airpower both strategic and tacical.

Game played pretty quickly as low rules overhead and unit count (Armies and Corps).
Allies lost in Winter 1945 as they had not gotten to Germany allowing Donitz to replace Hitler and sue for peace.

Will be trying this one again.

Initial set up (Italian front not visible)

Overall view of map

Opening activity in Sicily/Italy

Overlord target Brittany

Breakout towards Paris but too late in the campaign

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Nine Years War action with Field Of Battle at Le Ducs

After a few weeks enforced hiatus from gaming (sob...) had a wonderful game of FOB2 at Le Duc's based on battle of Walcourt 1689 using Duc's most excellent 28mm troops.

As ever a great and excitingly fun game fought to completion with FOB.

Intense Cavalry action on my left wing, a stand-off in center and a glorious charge into buildings by British troops against Wild Geese on my right !

I also managed to lose both British Commanders namely Messrs Tolemarche and Lord Churchill !!!!
How different history would have been under my tutelage.

But sadly the Coalition Forces under Waldeck (a pitiful D8 CinC) succumbed to first Army Morale check.

However it was close as Duc's French down to 3 Morale Chips even after having 4 of mine.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Panzer Grenadier 'Cintheaux' scenario

Game of Panzer Grenadier Deluxe game played today using the Cintheaux scenario from Western Front scenario book. 
I used British/Canadian forces against Stephens German force.
The three Tigers were awesome against Shermans especially when my two Firefly tanks succumbed. 
Whilst I had superiority in Infantry numbers they proved insufficient to take control of the village.
The game ended when my auto-break point was reached.
Great game with a good set of WW2 rules.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

L'Art De La Guerre - Romans vs Seleucid

Quick game of LADG today at Stephens using my Punic Romans against his Selecuids.
Another fast and furious game using LADG with Romans again failing to have any impact at Impact against the Pikes phalanx and being ground down.
My Elite legion was particularly poor.....

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Field of Battle at Montmirail...... The Guard Repulsed !!

Played Montmirail today with my hombres Stephen, Richard and Le Duc using Field of Battle.
Another excellent game with these fast flowing rules.
Of course the 'dice demon' Stephen was as ever on top form giving a bloody nose to the advances of 2 Old Guard Divisions.
His Artillery shooting was particularly awesome even against the D10 Guard as he consistently gave them hits whilst causing Force Backs and Disorder (Out of Command).
Conversely the French Guard artillery was mediocre at best.
Le Duc seemed to have my dice today rolling low every time the demon rolled high it is amazing to watch.
On my flank (Allied left) it was pretty much a stand off as the Guard Cavalry were reluctant to charge in although they really should have as so much better than Russian mounted.
My Prussians were quickly forced into Square but that made them fairly invulnerable.
Once French Army Morale dissipated the French Cavalry were galvanised into action and began to show their prowess routing Russian units and even breaking a Square !
But it was too late as French were by now giving morale to the Allies.
French then pulled an Army Morale card which they passed being as Napoleon was a D12+1, however very next card was another Army Morale card which French rolled a respectable 9 adding 1 for 10 but the demon rolled a 12 on D12 to force the French to surrender.
Couple of uses of house rules for Hasty Square and Cavalry Counter Charge today which worked fairly seamlessly.
As ever a fun game that was brought to a firm decision in around 4 hours of play, not many rule sets you can say that with !

Russian guns draw a bead

And do the business. Note the yellow Out Of Command markers on Old Guard in center and several hits

Old Guard Lancers threaten on right

Solid lines of Russians

Young and Old Guard Cavalry advance

Opposing mounted Corps about to clash

Old Guard arriving piecemeal in center

2nd Old Guard Division suffering whilst attacking on right

Old Guard Cavalry moves up a gear

Prussian guard road whilst forming square in face of Guard cavalry